Is Big Pharma About to Lose its $25 Billion Study Drug Cash Cow?
“Study Drug” Alternatives That Won't Land You in Jail
New advances in understanding of mental focus and clarity, micro-nutrients, and natural supplementation may help powerfully increase mental focus and stamina in a healthy way, without the dangerous side effects associated with prescription drugs.
San Diego, CA - Millennials are under more daily stress than any generation in the history of the world. Rising academic standards combined with a world that is constant flux, and the ever changing world of the internet combine to demand that many millennials live their life with almost superhuman energy levels and mental acuity.
As A Result...
The rise of so called “Study Drugs,” such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Concerta among young people has reached epidemic proportions.
The Problem Is....
These drugs are dangerous and addictive stimulants that can do more than help someone study. 

Young people will intentionally fake the symptoms of ADHD, which these medications have been developed to treat. 

Doctors, lacking any other commonly accepted treatment method, might recommend some dietary changes. Then they prescribe a stimulant.
DeAnsin Parker, a clinical neuropsychologist in New York City points out, “All they have to do is say they can’t focus,” and that's enough for some doctors to prescribe a drug.
What People Are Saying About AddFocus XR
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With the new stimulant, many student report feeling like Eddie Morra in the movie Limitless.

One millennial even told this reporter that he felt as if he could do two or three times the work when he took Adderall. 

Of course, the side effects can be devastating. 

The symptoms of withdraw from these kinds of medications are identical to those of cocaine. In some cases, people have actually committed suicide.

In addition, the misuse of prescription drugs is illegal and can land the user in serious legal trouble. 

That is the kind of trouble that can end a career before it even starts!
There is good news for over stressed, over worked millennials...
The answer isn't just to “suck it up,” or risk the side effects and legal consequences of these dangerous prescription drugs.  

There have been many recent advancements in the understanding of nutrients and herbal compounds on cognitive function. 

 And surprisingly, the effects can be just as powerful without the nasty side-effects.
Thomas Lipinski, founder and CEO of AddFocus points out...
“Many people find it hard to concentrate for two reasons. First because their brain has been hyper-stimulated by our digital age. And two, because the food we eat often doesn't contain the micro-nutrients that food did 100 years ago.”

“For example, the number of people who are deficient in B-vitamins, which are critical for peak cognitive functioning, is staggering! As many as 40% of the public is deficient in at least one B vitamin.”

Thomas' solution isn't to prescribe stimulants to students so they can better deal with the onslaught of cognitive stimulation they experience in the world. 

He wants to help the students brain deal with the massive over-stimulation they're experiencing and give the brain the micro-nutrients it needs to focus at peak levels for extended periods of time. It might seem strange that by helping the brain relax one can increase focus and concentration. 

 However, isn't that what practitioners of meditation have claimed for years?

AddFocus has developed a supplement called, AddFocus XR. While the name is an obvious nod to Adderall, the supplement couldn't be more different.
And a proprietary blend of...
Gamma-aminobutric acid (GABA) – GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps signals travel between the brain and the nervous system. It is produced in the brain from glutamate. This process is catalyzed by the active form of vitamin B6 and the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase (GAD). Primarily it reduces nerve cell activity in the nervous system. 

According to WebMD, it has been shown to Relieve Anxiety, Improve Sleep, Relieve Symptoms of PMS, Treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Improve mood.
Thomas understands that in our modern world ruled by pharmaceutical medicine is can be difficult to believe that a few vitamins and some naturally occurring compounds may give someone seemingly superhuman focus and cognitive functions.
So he has offered to give our readers a 
He just asks that you cover the shipping and handling
“The law forbids us from making a medical claim about ADDFOCUS XR, however the hard medical science shows that each ingredient has been shown to increase focus and help with neural activity. I'm so sure you'll love it, that I'll send you the first supply...FREE!”
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